Drinkscember - Olepolos Country Club
to Dec 24

Drinkscember - Olepolos Country Club

It’s that time of the year again! and I'm not talking about Christmas! Drinkscember is upon us and only good times ahead.

For the last couple of years we’ve asked friends to play us into the Olepolos sunset and beyond.

This year we will be blessed by
Blinky Bill Music
Noise On Demand
DJ Big Bear
E.A Wave
Listen to the kids
Moses Midaz

And there are likely to be some features we can’t yet predict.

Here’s what you need to know

This is a friends plan. Friends of friends are welcome.

Food: We highly recommend that you get the squad together and order your meals together. Give it about an hour so do call Kamau in advance on 0722 433 492. You need to send a deposit for the order to be real. 

Drinks: we have a good range of options and different bars. If you’re that guy with obscure taste bring your own drinks. We do charge a corkage fee, please comply. We do this to have a good time, chasing you down for corkage is not our definition of a good time.

Party bus: Don’t drink and drive. Have a sober designated driver, or get on the party bus.You can book a seat (by paying for it of course) for 1,000 ksh return. Pick up point is Nakumatt Junction at 12:30 pm on the 23rd and departure from Olepolos is typically past Midnight. The rule is that the people on the bus agree when they’d like to leave. If you are interested get in touch with Nash on 0722580268

Rooms: Every year this party surprises us. We have a few left. This year we are adding a camping option with 2 person tents going for 1500 complete with mattresses and sleeping bags

Good vibes and good times: Must be brought and must be had.

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The Meet- Radisson Blu
1:00 PM13:00

The Meet- Radisson Blu

Welcome to The Meet.

A meeting for the unusual, rule breakers, Unconventional.

2 Floors. 1 Party. 6 Deejays. And only 200 guests.

Congratulations you made it.

PS: Remember to carry your cool.


Music by DJ BIg Bear (US) DJ Lasta (UK) VJ Ace Cross and Noise on Demand.

Hosted by Sheila Kwamboka.

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